Hands On!

30/05/2012 00:00

We're delighted to have been selected to have some of our work featured in Hands On, a new book by the excellent design publishers Victionary.

Hands On features innovative work that encourages the user to interact with the print/packaging. The book has a beautiful lenticular cover and is packed with inspiring designs and ideas. 

Minuit Papillon, Hands On by Victionary

Oskar Design's entry is the artwork for the CD Minuit Papillon. Due to the large amount of copy and a very low budget, we managed to squeeze all information in a single space sitting behind the CD. The text is illegible on first viewing, but inside the box there's a magnifying glass for the user to read the copy.

The cover image for Minuit Papillon is by artist Eva Rothschild.

We have never really been ones for entering competitions or awards, so it's always satisfying to have people approach us asking to display our work.

Hands On - Victionary

More spreads from Hands On can be seen on the Victionary website.

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